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Who is Michel Hans ?

Professional photographer with a passion for movement for over thirty years, Michel Hans has developed innovative techniques for breaking down gestures, mobility and movement, from the very slow to the very fast, always aiming to ensure a rhythmic choreography and precise graphic techniques.

Some of his finest « stroboscopic » successes may be seen in the work Le sport en mouvement, published in 1996.
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Who are his customers ?

In France, and around the world, his command of time-lapse photography, « snapshot » and « locomotion » (multiple images against a natural background), has earned him a reputation in such various areas as:
-sports (e.g. gymnastics, dance, horse riding with the French Republican Guard),
-the military (MBDA-EADS missiles),
-industry (e.g. Nestlé France, International Bureau of Weights and Measures)
-textbook publishing (physics and biology manuals).

He also makes his techniques available to private individuals seeking an original way to immortalize a special personal or family event.
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What are its advantages ?

With the support of a network of the top technicians available and the latest high-tech equipment, Michel Hans has set as a mission to rise to the complex challenge of meeting the expectations of the most demanding client and producing the perfect photo of subjects ranging from the everyday to the extraordinary, in the most diverse environments.
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